Each year, GL consortium members select six to twelve high-potential executives poised for global leadership. These participants, drawn from across the globe, form a diverse cohort that encourages rich intellectual and creative cross-pollination. Throughout a nine-month program, they participate in three week-long modules plus an Action Learning Project—with each element offering a globally significant learning opportunity:

  • Module 1: Tuck School of Business, Hanover, New Hampshire | Autumn
  • Module 2: Chennai, India | Winter
  • Module 3: Nairobi, Kenya | Spring
  • Action Learning Project

A distinguishing feature is the use of immersion learning within countries that have significantly changed the face of global business. As participants engage with people in these markets, they develop empathy for the diverse needs of rapidly developing economies and begin to innovate more customer-centric solutions. They witness the dynamics of global markets first-hand and learn to apply their learning to their companies’ most pressing problems. 

Tuck’s complementary curriculum supplies participants with the knowledge, frameworks, and tools that help them understand how to develop transformative and impactful outcomes in these emerging contexts. Peer engagement and on-going coaching support them in their discoveries and create enduring professional networks. The curriculum also integrates multiple pedagogies so participants will learn new leadership behaviors and team effectiveness skills while delivering business results.

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During Module I at Tuck, participants discuss applying innovation frameworks to their companies.
Tuck’s Dean, Matt Slaughter, connects with cross-company teams as they debrief after their first field visits.
VG is the founding Faculty Director of Global Leadership: Discover and Create the Future.

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