The nine-month GL learning experience comprises three week-long modules plus an Action Learning Project. Each element offers a globally significant learning opportunity for participants. 


Module 1
Tuck School of Business, Hanover, New Hampshire | Autumn
Module 1 highlights key strategy and innovation frameworks and digital transformation, setting the stage for rich experiential learning. Storytelling, mindfulness, and leadership frameworks equip executives with valuable tools and practices to fuel their development throughout the nine-month program.  

Module 2
Silicon Valley, California | Winter
Module 2 highlights how Silicon Valley excels at breakthrough innovation and what leaders can do to drive continuous innovation in the core business. Participants develop new strategies and business models that enable them to actively create the future of their company.  

Module 3
Chennai, India | Spring
Module 3 immerses executives in urban and rural India. Participants develop understanding and empathy for the diverse needs of rapidly developing economies and begin to innovate customer-centric solutions. They witness the dynamics of global markets firsthand and apply their learning to their companies’ most pressing problems.


Action Learning Project (ALP) 
A distinguishing feature of GL is the use of immersion learning. GL’s unique design integrates multiple pedagogies to accelerate professional growth. At the start of the program, each company identifies a strategic business challenge that becomes its objective Action Learning Project. It then charges its team of participants to apply new thinking and experimentation to drive recommendations. The stakes are real, and the results must be of highest quality, but coaching and reflection make it safe for participants to take risks and push toward innovative outcomes. 

Throughout the program, as participants work on this project of strategic importance to their C-level leaders, a Sponsor in each company oversees the project charter, while a Coach guides the collaboration and supports group and individual growth. The action learning happens within countries that have significantly changed the face of global business, so participants learn new leadership behaviors and team effectiveness skills while delivering business results for these demanding markets. The result is that ALPs deliver both learning and vital business outcomes.

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